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For Youth. For Pro. For Life

LOVB is one holistic volleyball ecosystem, from club to pro. We are committed to championing the sport of volleyball - and every athlete who plays it - in unprecedented ways.


LOVB for Life

League One Volleyball (LOVB, pronounced "love") is a first-of-its-kind community re-imagining the future of volleyball.

LOVB champions every stage of an athlete's journey: nurturing youthful passion into action, celebrating fierce and unbridled professional talent, and developing coaches to lead future generations.

We are launching our professional league, LOVB Pro, from the grassroots up, built from our foundation of junior volleyball clubs and led by the world's best professional players.

This is just the beginning. The future is LOVB.

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Our junior clubs are pushing the next level of player and coach training.

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LOVB PRO — Starting in 2024, LOVB Pro is bringing the world's best players home

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LOVB Foundation: Creating access to volleyball

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