Jordan Thompson

Jordan Thompson

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Jordan Thompson

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An Edina, Minnesota native, Jordan made her mark with Cincinnati where she was a 2x All-American and 3x American Athletic Conference Player of the Year. She also set the record for most kills in an NCAA match at 50. As a member of U.S. National Team, Jordan has won Olympic and FIVB Volleyball Nations League gold.


Edina, MN


University of Cincinnati


Opposite Hitter


Olympic Gold Medalist

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Love this Game

I think this picture really encapsulates my passion for the game and love for my teammates, I love being their biggest cheerleader!


My bestie

This is my best friend Parker, aka the best human in the whole wide world. I cherish my friendships deeply and they are a huge reason I am the person I am today!


Getting Creative

I recently started exploring my creative side more and found that I really enjoy creating art and writing poetry!


Laughing all the Way

I’m an extremely goofy person and it takes approximately zero effort to make me laugh. It helps that all of my friends are absolutely hilarious too!



I am someone who is constantly searching for new music and listening to different genres. The one thing I can’t live without is my Bluetooth speaker because I always have something playing!

Team background
LOVB Houston Volleyball

LOVB Houston - Learn more about Jordan's team

Professional volleyball is coming to Houston in November 2024.

Jordan's Teammates

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Micha Hancock

Setter for LOVB Houston Volleyball

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