Faces of LOVB: Lindsay Rosenthal

LOVB StaffWednesday, May 22, 2024


Get to Know Lindsay Rosenthal:
Director of Community, Safe@LOVB, and LOVB Foundation


Lindsay Rosenthal comes from a family of athletes who have always understood the value of sport. She and her husband have raised four kids with the same focus on athletics as a way of life – for health, mindset, goal-setting, patience, teamwork, and determination. Since she fell in love with volleyball at age 12, it has been in Lindsay’s life in one way or another and she thinks it’s the greatest sport in the world! Now she brings that love for the game to her role at LOVB.

What’s your favorite part about your role at LOVB? 

I get to interact with so many great people in the community and within LOVB, across departments from club coaches to our department leads. Every person in LOVB realizes this is a passion project for our families and for our country. That’s a heavy burden to carry, but we all happily take on that challenge. We all work tirelessly to better the lives of our athletes – club to pro – and I love the people I’m in the trenches with.

What’s your best advice for any parents with young athletes playing a club sport?

It’s been said many times, but the number one thing they want to hear you say is, “I love to watch you play.” I attended a Positive Coaching Alliance course for parents this past year and it opened my eyes tremendously to the different perspectives parents and athletes bring to the sport and it helped guide a very productive conversation between my daughter and me. I recommend it to anyone unsure about how to act at events, how to talk with their athletes, and how to navigate the relationship with your child’s coach.

What’s one of your favorite memories from when you were a club director?

One year, I dedicated the year to making my players the best they could be at all positions. I made my MB’s set and pass, I made my DS’s hit, and I made my setters play middle sometimes. We got to nationals and during one play there was a bullet dig back to the net and my biggest MB turned around and jumpset the ball to the OH. It’s a minor thing, but I knew in that moment that they had taken so much more than just volleyball skills out of the year. They learned how to just relax, trust their instincts, and freaking ball out. And I also knew after that we were going to win.

Looking back at your career, what are you most proud of?

I’ve tried a bunch of different things in my athletic and professional life. Not all of them successful, but I definitely learned from all of them. No fear. Dive in and work hard and good things will come.

What’s on the top of your bucket list?

LA28. I want to see the Olympics live and in person in a few years.

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