Celebrating Growth and Partnership: LOVB Welcomes New Volleyball Training Facility, Most Volleyball

LOVB StaffTuesday, Apr 9, 2024


New Partnership: Training with MOST by LOVB

Exciting news unfolds as MOST Volleyball has joined the LOVB community. This collaboration not only underscores a bright future for the sport but also amplifies LOVB’s dedication to providing holistic athlete training opportunities to youth volleyball nationwide. 

MOST Volleyball brings a steadfast commitment to developing young athletes and are a valuable addition to the community. MOST’s philosophy is to use a fundamental progression to all training methods. From beginner to advanced, they employ a building-block approach to sustain a solid foundation and to advance athletes to their maximum potential. MOST provides sessions led by experienced trainers with over 60 years of combined coaching and training the highest-level athletes and uses unique training equipment to help develop proper biomechanics and muscle memory.

As LOVB continues to champion the sport of volleyball in unprecedented ways, the inclusion of training facilities like MOST Volleyball are crucial for supporting the next generation of volleyball talent. 

Learn more about MOST Volleyball.

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