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Carli Lloyd


Carli Lloyd

Carli on the Court

A setter from Bonsall, California, Carli is a 2016 Olympic bronze medalist. She was voted AVCA Player of the Year while at Cal Berkeley, and as part of the US National team, won the 2015 Pan-American Cup and Pan American Games gold medals, where she was also named Best Setter.


Bonsall, CA


Epic Volleyball


Cal Berkeley




Olympic Bronze Medalist

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On the Court

  • 2018 Brazilian Supercup Champion 
  • 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist 
  • 2016 FIVB Club World Championship Best Setter
  • 2015-2016 CEV Champions League Best Setter
  • 2015 Pan American Cup gold medal
  • 2015 Pan American Cup Better Setter
  • 2015 Pan American Games gold medal
  • 2015 Pan American Games MVP
  • Past member of the U.S. Women’s National Team
  • 2010 AVCA Player of the Year
  • All-American at Cal Berkeley

My heart

She has this new mischievous smile thing going and it’s deeply settled in me that being her mom and watching her grow is legit my most cherished part of existence


My love

👁️ ❤️ YOU and 🍕🥰


My first Kinrgy class



Book lover

One of my most favorite things to do is to read a good book. I love a cozy chair somewhere or going out in nature and sitting down to find myself swimming in another person’s words or stories or advice. I love how a book can challenge my brain and encourage me to learn something new or try something difficult. When I’m reading you can usually find me jotting things down. Any “ahas” that come to me or quotes that really speak to me…I like to note them. Good reading to you all 💜 📖


In the Gym with Roots

The gym at Roots is full of such hard working, respectful and talented young stars! What a great connection. Thank you all for being such joys to work with and I hope we meet again soon!!

Team background
LOVB Austin Volleyball

LOVB Austin - Learn more about Carli's team

Professional volleyball is coming to Austin in November 2024.

Carli's Teammates

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Logan Eggleston

Outside Hitter for LOVB Austin Volleyball

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