Zoe Fleck

Zoe Fleck


Zoe Fleck

Zoe on the Court

A libero from Granada Hills, California, Zoe helped the University of Texas to win the NCAA Championship, and was named to the All-American team. As a member of the U.S. National team, she won bronze at the 2023 Pan-American Volleyball Cup and gold at the 2023 NORCECA Pan American Cup Final Six.


Granada Hills, CA


Supernova All-Stars Volleyball


University of Texas




NCAA Champion

Zoe’s motto

My Motto: There is no failure, only feedback!

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On the Court

  • Member of the U.S. Women’s National Team
  • 2022 and 2021 Women’s Collegiate National Team
  • 2022 NCAA Champion 
  • Two-time Pac-12 Libero of the Year 
  • 2021 All-American

Zoe the calf

This photo was taken at Austin Farm Sanctuary. The owners do amazing work rescuing animals and also happen to be huge volleyball fans! This calf was rescued shortly before our national championship run in 2022. She was very sick but she was a fighter, so they named her after me. 🥹 She pulled through and is now healthy and happy. This was my first time meeting Zoe the calf! 🐄


Starting Out

Little 9 year old Zoe playing for Supernova All-Stars in my first season!


Flipping out

This photo combines two things I love: the beach and movement! Santa Monica beach in particular is a very special place to me. 🫶🏼


Paying It Forward

In 2021 I launched my coaching business, All Out Volleyball, to share what I've learned with the next generation. Since then I've been blessed to work with thousands of athletes, both in AOVB camps and through my online membership program. 

As much as I love playing volleyball, I find sharing skills and knowledge with the next generation significantly more rewarding. My hope is that I will ultimately leave the game better than I found it.


My Love

This photo represents not just my 'happy place' but also my person. He is the love of my life. He is incredibly selfless, curious, inspiring and kind, and I am so lucky to have done life by his side for the past 5 years! This photo is taken where we met at our favorite place on Earth - Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, CA.


Walking the Line

A long walk off a short cliff! Life as a professional athlete is all about balance and keeping things in perspective. Adventures like this help! This photo was taken on a high-lining trip in Malibu, CA.

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Professional volleyball is coming to Austin in November 2024.

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